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For The Last Time (final album)

For the last time I'll feel it. The haunting expectation of a reaction to a line I spent days perfecting. For the last time i'll feel it. The thought that you have no idea how real this song is because it actually happened. For the last time i'll feel it, the pride of an emcee that has made a masterpiece or the doubt of a failing artist that just couldn't cut it. For the last time I'll drop an album wondering if you'll make it to the end, wondering if you'll finish feeling satisfied, feeling like you wasted your time or if you'll finish hungry for more. 

Let's not forget the last time

Red Pills Album Release

I remember the Red Pills listening party like it was yesterday June 6th 2014. I stayed up with DJ Rek All night and got 45minutes of sleep then worked 8 hrs on Camp Pendleton (Horno) then drove to San Marcos. I was dead tired. But when the people showed up it was all love, It was the best boost of energy to see the excitement of the people. They hadn't even heard the album yet but the vibes where real. I kept my head down to avoid eye-contact or allow people to react naturally and not over sell it for my own ego, but not this time.  For the last time I need to see it. I need all the hearts and thumbs up, I need to believe what I say to myself all the time. "Boy you are something special and you gotta gift you better believe in yourself." 

This is a transaction from my heart to yours. What we've worked on for the past year and a half in a few moments is no longer mine. It's yours. This is your music to champion. Your soundtrack to use in own your story.

So from my heart to yours Thank You & Your Welcome!