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Top 5 Reasons Our Black Children Will Be Home Schooled 


1.     Time -  If we send our children to school we are giving away time. When a child enters grade school they spend 7 hrs in classes, 8 hrs sleeping 2 hrs getting ready and commuting, 1hr of homework/dinner that leaves 6 hrs of time to be present but most of us like to wind down after work. And if our kid is in extra curricular activities that's even more time to lose influence.

2.     Influence - I believe that the biggest influence on our child should be us, the parents. Not a teacher that doesn't know their name for the first few days. Influence comes with all types of responsibilities you have power to mold a group of people and I'm not sure that a degree gives someone the right to mold my child. Our kids are inquisitive. The conversation about why am I black is a perfect example. When they asked that question what would a teacher’s response be.. That's the way God made you? Because your parents are black? These moments are very sensitive moments in a child's life, and I'm glad that we get the time to really go deep in to these topics when teachers can just shrug it off.  I'm not sure where influences come from that goes for the teacher and definitely their friends. 

3.     Friends - after a certain age children care less about impressing their teachers and more about impressing their friends. And some friends have different experiences than our kids. When I was 6 years old a female classmate of mine was exposing herself under the table to me and my friend. This began a curiously that I would spend most of my life trying to tame. No teacher ever knew what was going on. 

4.     Curriculum - Almost everything I needed besides basic math and reading I learned after high school. Cooking, driving, work ethic, taxes, how to apply for a job, nutrition, budget, even good business practice. These are all things I feel like I should have learned before leaving school. One thing that a curriculum can't tell you is what your strengths are. As parents, we can look at our child and help them operate in their strength. Why force them to understand a concept they may never use? The curriculum is set up to prepare you for college, not life. That's a disservice to many students. Also, the curriculum wants to teach you to know certain things not to teach you how to think.

5.     Our biggest asset - Our children are our most precious and greatest asset. Public school isn't proven to be the best practice, it's just a social norm. It's most convenient. If I'm giving you my greatest and most valued asset, I expect a return. I expect that when the day is over and I receive my asset back it comes out better than I gave it to you. Now do I really need to go any further?

 Bonus - The only real backlash I've ever heard about home schooling is this fear of sheltering kids and them lacking social experience. Now I believe Theo and Uriah are the exception because they are extremely social and because we have such a huge network of parents in our season they don't lack time socializing. Mom takes them on play dates at least 3 times a week and we are pretty outgoing so I don't think that’s not going to be an issue.