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Impress Your Friends & Family with the 77’’class LG OLED TV

My wife and I decided to put the new 77’’class LG OLED TV in our room so that we could have a movie night with our kids, and we were absolutely impressed with it! The 77’’class LG brought the movie theater to us, with it’s large screen and a 4K experience that made us all feel like we were at the theater. It also features incredible cinematic sound that puts us right in the middle of the action.

The 77’’class LG OLED TV has an amazing and innovative design, complete with Google assistant and ThinQ AI, all while being the same width as my smart phone. With its larger screen, it gives us a more immersive experience, plus we’re able to watch our favorite 4K movies in gorgeous Ultra HD level picture quality. This T.V. is a game changer!

As we are always looking for ways to spend more time as a family, the 77’’class LG OLED TV gives us the opportunity bond as a family while watching our favorite T.V. Shows. With such a sleek design, this T.V. in non-invasive and perfect for any room in the house. Not only was my family impressed with this T.V., we were amazed with the beauty of its picture quality.

I know that you’ll be just as impressed as we were with the New 77’’class LG OLED TV. Pick it up here, and share the the amazing quality with your friends and family.

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